Made With Liberty Fabric

A beautiful collection of ties, bow ties and pocket squares made with Liberty Fabrics by Van Buck in lots of different patterns and colours.

Our made with Liberty Fabrics range is a popular choice for weddings and special occasions due to the floral nature of the fabric, they have a trend led influence and are mostly floral in design making them a real piece of neckwear art. Our Made with Liberty Fabric ranges are released twice a year with a Spring/Summer Collection and an Autumn/Winter collection.

First sold in London in the 1920s, Liberty buyer William Hayes Dorell named the famous cotton after Lake Tana, where the Egyptian cotton had been grown and discovered. Back on home soil,the silk-like long staple threads were spun into lustrous form and printed in Lancashire using copper rollers with brilliant coloured dyes. A material was born with qualities that have sparked the imagination of generations to follow. It was, of course, Tana Lawn™.

A famous masterpiece of fabric technology, Tana Lawn™ is fine, cool and durable with a silk-like feel. A perfect fabric quality to achieve a brilliant reproduction of Liberty’s rich textile designs. Its bespoke process has been fine-tuned by Liberty Fabrics experts over the last 100 years, advancing the products performance, perfecting the printing quality and detail that can be achieved. Today, Tana Lawn™ is continually evolving as Liberty Fabrics refines its methods and works with new technologies to secure its reputation as the best printed cotton available.


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