Face Coverings / Masks

Our range of face coverings / masks are designed with style & beautiful cotton fabrics. We have three different designs available a shaped mask with ear fittings, a shaped mask with head fastenings and a pleated mask. Our face coverings may not stop you from getting the virus but they will help slow the spread.

Our personal needs, requirements and attitudes have dramatically altered over these and when things return to a new normal and even while that process is taking place we are being advised to wear face coverings. 

We have therefore designed and made some stylish face masks for men and women in 100% cotton fabrics that can be easily washed and re-used.

Our face coverings are there to reduce the spread of droplets from coughs and sneezes, while providing a barrier from infection from others. They also help to reduce the amount of hand contact with your face during the day. They are comfortable, stylish, breathable and they do not take away vital resources from our NHS, who depend on the surgical masks.

Our range of fashionable face coverings / masks come in many different patterns and designs, perfect for matching to an outfit or brightening up your day. Our Liberty Print Face Masks are proving to be a popular choice, they are easy to wear to help prevent the spread of this virus.



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